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Happy Easter

Julie Millar counselling is closed for the Easter weekend, re-opening on Tuesday 23rd April. I hope you enjoy whatever you are doing this weekend.

New website

Before I started my own business as a counsellor I knew nothing much about websites. I certainly had never tried to build one. This has been a learning process that has been creative and also frustrating. Not having a computing background some of the language leaves me scratching my head in puzzlement. I’ve also had fun looking at images and deciding what might best illustrate the point I am making or want to get over.

image of planet and stars with words updated website
updated website

the site is live!

Now I am super pleased to announce that my newly upgraded website is live. It has been live for a little while, however I’ve been busy updating some of the content. I had it rebuilt by Websites for Therapists so that I could add features, such as embedded videos, that I wasn’t able to do on my old site because of restrictions on the subscription I had.


I’ve begun to update the content, giving information about me as a person, and how counselling can help. I’ve also provided some links to resources and organisations I hope will be helpful.

over to you

Please have a look through the content I’ve posted and let me know if there is anything else you’d like to see on my site, or any counselling related subject you’d like to see me blog about.

Julie Millar is a counsellor in Chester.

She grew up at the seaside and loves sunshine and tea. She listens with her heart as well as her ears. She works with people who have lost something precious to them; a person, an animal, a dream… And people who have experienced abuse. People who are hurting or confused and want something to change.

Julie’s superpower is curiosity.

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