Corona virus update

Lockdown easing update on working in person in a pink square block with random shapes

It’s been a few months since the country went into lockdown, and I ceased to see people in person at my counselling room. In that time I have continued to counsel online by webcam and by telephone.

I’ve been keeping up to date with the number of cases and the reported R value of the virus, the reduction of the corona virus threat level to 3, and noting which parts of the economy have been reopened and the safety measures that have been put in place. Although many businesses that require proximity to other people, such as hairdressers and chiropractors, have returned or will soon to seeing clients and patients I have decided that I am not returning to in person counselling yet.

What are my reasons for this:

  • cases have begun to increase in our European neighbours and we may expect something similar to happen here
  • I want to see the impact of the current and proposed opening of businesses and resumption of activities before going back to in person work
  • I feel I have an ethical responsibility to not do something that may undermine a client’s well being without an exceptional reason
  • concerns for my own well being and that of people close to me

I am not sure when I will return to seeing clients in person, I assess the situation on a week by week basis. I do continue to see clients online and by telephone and see this as the major focus of my counselling work going forward.

Stay safe and well.