Counselling and coronavirus

graphic showing a laptop in the background with foreground text concerning moving in person counselling online because of coronavirus

There are many groups of people who may be concerned about the spread of Coronavirus, in particular people who are living with long term illness. Some of these people may have been attending counselling in person, and may now be unsure if they need to reconsider this. At present the number of infections in the UK is very small, however it is sensible to consider what you might want to do if you are in a vulnerable group, or may have been exposed to the virus and are in quarantine.

The good news is that counselling need not be put on pause while you consider what you need to do in response to the Coronavirus outbreak. Actually counselling may help you decide what is best for you if you live with illness. Althernatively it may help if you feel your concerns are causing you anxiety and may be disproportionate. Illnesses with this sort of widespread media coverage may exacerbate health anxiety.

If you are seeing a counsellor regularly talk to them about what you might do if one or both of you are quarantined. I already see clients online and by phone and can easily transfer an in person session to online if the circumstances need it. All we would need is an additional agreement to cover the fact that we are using an electronic device to communicate rather than being two people in a room.

Finally, it is good to make practical preparations in case you can’t or don’t want to meet in person; but not so healthy to worry about all the things that could happen. If you find yourself doing find out about mindful techniques to help with worry.