How can counselling help the way I am feeling?

Counselling can help when:

  • you are puzzled by your own behaviour
  • you feel you are acting out of character
  • you feel you are your own worst enemy
  • you feel distant from those you love
  • you feel rubbish about yourself

All of these feelings and experiences may be the result of something you are aware of, such as child abuse, mid life changes, or bereavement. Or you may not know why you feel the way you do.

Counselling can help explore your feelings and experiences and help you find your way to understanding yourself.

Counselling with me

In counselling with me we explore together what troubles you. If you think about your life as a car journey, counselling is like inviting me to get into the car with you. You’ve invited me into your space to share what you are seeing and experiencing. As the driver you decide where we go, and the speed and driving style. My job is to accompany you, and offer reflection on where we are going and how we are getting there. As a helpful passenger I may point out things from a different perspective, something you may not be able to see from where you are. Sometimes I may offer insights that have helped other people on similar journeys; it’s up to you whether these feel right for you. If you feel you need to make a change in direction, I am there to support you.

Further information about counselling

More information about how counseling can help and the different types of counselling can be found at the BACP website

Some frequently asked questions about counselling are answered in this video

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photo of a colourful open gate into a playing field lightly covered in snow, as an image of how counselling can help you find your way
Opening the gate to your future