Online counselling

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Julie Millar counselling online

What is online counselling?

Online counselling, also known as e-therapy, uses modern communication technologies to provide counselling to a wider range of people than may be possible face to face.

More information about how counselling can help can be found here

Online counselling can be particularly helpful for

  • people who find it difficult to attend a physical location, because of disabilty, work or home commitments, or ill health
  • people who travel – no breaks in therapy
  • British expats who want to work with someone from their country of origin

Counselling on line is not suitable for everyone. It is particularly not recommended for people with serious mental health diagnoses, and people who have a history of suicide attempts or high levels of suicidal thoughts.  This is for your own safety. If the assessment process indicates that online counselling may not be suitable for you I will let you know and signpost you to more appropriate support.

To have online counselling you have to have a level of computer use ability, however if you have navigated to this site you probably have all the computer skills you need! I offer telephone, internet voice only and webcam counselling, which means you don’t have to be able to type.

Due to specific registration requirements for counsellors and therapists in some states of the USA and Canada I do not accept clients from those countries.

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Native British English speaker

What sort of online counselling?

Julie Millar counselling offers online counselling through webcam and telphone.

Telephone –  in this form of counselling we can only hear each other. The absence of being able to see body language and relying on tone of voice means that we need to be focussed on clear communication. I may ask you to clarify what you mean more often than I would if we were meeting in person or via webcam.

Webcam – this is most like face to face counselling, where we can see and hear each other. Many people are familiar with talking to friends and family using skype. For counselling I use which has higher standards of privacy and confidentiality than skype and is GDPR compliant, but works in a similar way.

Next Steps

If you feel online counselling is right for you, or you want more information and an free informal discussion about your needs please contact me on 00447761 023027 or email me on my secure email

Online counselling important documents

These documents give important information about how I work with counselling clients online, the assessment process and data protection

Julie Millar counselling does not provide a crisis service. Follow this link to Befrienders Worldwide to find support internationally.

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