Online counselling

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Counselling online is still something of a novelty for many, even though it has been around for some time. Also known as e-therapy, e-counselling or online therapy it is growing in popularity and more counsellors and counselling services are offering it. As internet speeds improve, and the availability of superfast internet connections gets extended, counselling using the internet becomes useably available to more people.

how is online counselling done?

Counseling can be by email, short text based services, voice over internet, or webcam.

text based

Email and text based services often have a delay between someone writing and the counsellor responding,. The exception is when counsellor and client are using an instant message service.

In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries Sigmund Freud conducted therapy by letter. Email and text based therapy can be seen to be following in his footsteps.

camera and voice

Webcam and voice only counselling are done in real time. Webcam counselling is the nearest to face to face counselling because the people involved can see each other. This can be used to counsel more than one person, for example a couple who are in different locations.

Voice only counseling can be done using voice over internet or landline or mobile phones.

who is it for?

E-counselling is for anyone who wants the convenience of being able to access counselling from their own home. This can include people who:

  • find it difficult to get out;
  • have domestic responsibilities that make it hard to be out for long;
  • Students;
  • travel for work;
  • are ex-pats who want someone who speaks their own language and understands their culture of origin

a little but

Online counselling is not for everyone. Anyone thinking of counselling online needs to be comfortable with the technology. For safety counselling online is not considered a safe medium for people who have significant issues with self harm or suicidal thoughts.

People who are considering counselling through the internet need to consider if they can be somewhere where they won’t be overheard or their correspondence read by someone else.

Available now

Julie Millar counselling offers online webcam and voice only counselling. Contact me or follow this link to my website for more details

About Julie

Hi, I’m Julie, and I’m a counsellor based in Chester.

I am in my fifties, grew up at the seaside and love sunshine and tea. My superpower is curiosity. I am quiet and open, and listen with my heart as well as my ears. I particularly work with people who have lost something precious to them; a person, an animal, a dream… Or who have experienced abuse and now question their own selves or their value. People who are hurting or confused and want something to change.

I trained as a counsellor at the University of Chester. I used to be an accountant although I realised I like people much more than numbers. I’ve been a hospital chaplain, and it was this that led me into counselling. My passion is to be alongside people as they navigate through the varied sea states of life, from flat calm to raging storm.

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